Parking operating rules

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Operating rules of the parking area - Historical village Holasovice

  1. By entering the parking area (hereinafter the "Parking lot"), the customer agrees to the conclusion of the contract as set out below. In case of rejection of the contractual conditions contained in these operating regulations, the driver is obliged to leave the Parking Lot immediately. Failure to do so shall be deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions.

  2. Parking hours are 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday to Sunday. Parking is paid. The valid tariff for parking fees is 50 CZK/hour, but at least 50 CZK, for cars and motorcycles, 100 CZK/hour, but at least 200 CZK, for buses and caravans. Parking of vehicles over 3.5 t is not permitted in the Parking Lot. The parking lot is set up as public, unguarded, traffic organized and paid.

  3. The subject of the contract is the customer's right to park the vehicle they drive (hereinafter referred to as the "Vehicle") in any free parking space of the Parking Lot.

  4. The customer is obliged to pay the Operator a parking fee according to the valid tariff after arriving by vehicle at the Parking Lot. The customer is obliged to place the parking ticket in the vehicle before leaving it behind the windshield so that it is fully legible. If the parking fee is paid via SMS, this obligation does not apply.

  5. To secure its claims against the customer regarding compensation and claims arising in connection with parking, the operator has a lien on the vehicle brought in, even if the vehicle does not belong to the customer, but to a third party, and can prevent the vehicle from leaving by its own means. The enforcement of the right of retention can be avoided by providing the principal.

  6. The customer is obliged to properly secure and lock the parked vehicle. The contract does not cover the guarding and safekeeping of the vehicle, its accessories and any objects brought to the Parking lot in the vehicle. The operator is in no way liable for the actions of a third party, for theft, burglary, damage, etc., regardless of whether or not this third person is authorized to stay in the Parking area. The Parking operator is not responsible for damages caused as a result of an accidental phenomenon or higher force, the effects of weather, war or terrorist attack, etc. The operator of the parking lot is only liable for damage demonstrably caused by the operator's employees, regardless of whether the damage was caused intentionally or through negligence. If the operator is found responsible for damage caused to a parked vehicle, the amount of compensation is equal to the estimated price of the vehicle only, it does not include compensation for the inability to use the vehicle, nor compensation for items stored in the vehicle.

  7. The speed of movement of vehicles in the Parking area is limited to 15 km/h. The customer is obliged to respect the instructions and signals of the Operator's employees. When parking, the customer is obliged to observe the maximum possible caution and consideration towards other drivers and parked vehicles, to respect the information boards and restrictive traffic elements located in the Parking area, as well as all existing legal regulations regarding the operation and driving of motor vehicles. Any damages caused by the customer's behavior by the operator or third parties are borne by the customer.

  8. If the customer parks the vehicle in such a way that the secondary parking spaces cannot be used, he is obliged to pay compensation corresponding to the currently valid tariff for such misuse of the parking space. At the same time, the operator reserves the right to tow the vehicle at the customer's expense so that the vehicle occupies only one parking space.

  9. The following are prohibited in the Parking area: o Camping o Use of open fires and barbecues o Putting away and storing objects of all kinds o Carrying out repairs, pumping into tanks, changing oil, charging accumulators and draining coolants, washing vehicles, distributing leaflets, campaigning and sales activities o Leaving the engine running for a longer period of time, testing the engine and honking o Parking of vehicles before exiting the Parking Lot and on the access roads to it o Movement of domestic animals in the Parking Area is only permitted provided it is ensured that they do not cause damage to other visitors.

  10. Vehicles in the Parking area must be in proper technical condition and must be approved for use on roads. If, due to the technical condition or the extent of damage to the vehicle, it can be reasonably assumed that the owner wanted to get rid of it, the operator is entitled to dispose of the vehicle in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

  11. Pedestrians must ensure that their safety is not compromised.

  12. For any disputes arising from this contract and for lawsuits by the operator against consumers in the sense of the Consumer Protection Act, the local court is competent.


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In case of a parking meter malfunction, please call.: +420 777 733 117

In the event of a machine failure or lack of coins, you can purchase a parking ticket via SMS or mobile app.