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Your guide to Holasovice

The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) will guide you through the beauty and history of Holašovice. You will find us right in the heart of our village, which has been listed as a World Heritage Site since 1998. In our TIC we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information, advice and tips for planning your stay with us in Holašovice.

What can we help you with?

Information about Holasovice
  1. Interested in the history of this beautiful place? For news about local culture, sights, and other attractions, visit the information centre or this page What to See.

Which way to us
  1. Holasovice and its surroundings are rich in magnificent nature and picturesque places. We will advise you which hiking trails are best for hiking, cycling or other outdoor activities. Together we will work out the best way to get there by car or bus so that your visit to Holašovice is a great experience. For more information you can visit our page which way to us.

Tips for trips

We will gladly recommend where to go outside Holašovice. We have prepared tips for trips to nearby towns or other cultural sights. You can find more information at our tourist information centre or on this page Tips for trips.

Accommodation and refreshments
  1. Would you like to stay in Holasovice? Would you like to taste local culinary specialties? We have information about the Holasovice tavern or the accommodation options in the buildings Spejchar at Vojta's and Peasant court.

Services provided for visitors: 

The main activity of the tourist information centre is to provide free information to incoming visitors as well as to local citizens.

We provide:

Information (about the village, history, heritage and attractions in the area)

Current information on cultural and sporting events

Overview of accommodation and catering options

Promotional and informative press materials

Sale of souvenirs with Holasovice motifs and many more

Practical information on transport connections

Internet access via WI-FI


A place to relax and a playground for your little ones in the TIC garden

Parking for cars and buses in the immediate vicinity of the TIC. Parking is paid.

An exhibition of agricultural tools and objects of everyday use in the village, e.g. a loom, tools for processing flax, blacksmith's tools, etc.

An exhibition of traditional and non-traditional products from all over Bohemia, presenting products from the annual Peasant Festival.

A photographic panel presentation of the monument, its history to the present day.

Exhibition of contemporary photos

3D Models

On the renovated second floor there is an accessible room where you can see the layout of the village square and the individual buildings of the farmhouses on the ceramic model. The latter was unveiled at the village hall as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the World Heritage listing.

There is also an example of a paper didactic model of selected farmsteads, which is intended for the 4th and 5th grade of primary school, and wooden models of various styles and types of farmsteads.

The 2nd floor area is monitored by a security camera.

Partnership with the village of Vlkolínec (World Heritage Site of the Slovak Republic)

Opening hours:

April - October

ST - SUN | 9:00 - 17:00 incl. holidays

November - December

MON - FRI | 9:00 - 17:00

January - March


Our friendly staff looks forward to your visit. If you have any questions or need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. In Holasovice you will have an unforgettable experience full of beautiful nature and rich history!

Holasovice 43 | 373 84 p. Dubne

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Current appearance of the Tourist Information Centre

History of the Tourist Information Centre

The tourist information center is located in the building of the former Czech school, which operated here from 1928 to 1965. Children from Holašovice attended the parish school in Strýčice for several centuries. In 1784, Holašovice became part of the Čakov parish and the one-class school in Čakov, but they had to introduce bilingual education because of the German-speaking children of Holašovice. From 1873, children attended the newly established German municipal school in Lipanovice.

After the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918, voices for the establishment of a Czech school began to grow in Holašovice, despite the fact that the majority of the inhabitants were of German nationality (146 inhabitants out of 211).

After official permission in 1921, classes were first started in 1925 in temporary premises in the homestead No. 17. The new school building began to be built in 1927 according to the plan of the Prague architect Faigl. It was put into use in August 1928. The Jubilee School was named in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic. At first, 25 children from Holašovice and Jankov attended it.

During the Second World War, the office of the German border administration was located in the building. After the war, schooling was resumed. The primary school operated here until 1965, when it was closed by the decision of the district national committee. In the following years, it served the České Budějovice Fire Protection Corps, and since 1999 it has been a tourist information center.

The school was located on the previously vacant area of the northeastern corner of the village. The building is one-story, on a high stone plinth. There was a classroom in the main wing, with the gable facing the village, and the teacher's apartment in the attic. The vacant western corner was later filled in with a flat-roofed extension. Cornices, cornice edges of gables, parapet cornices and projecting perimeter edges are prominently used on the facade. At that time, the larger windows had a modern three-part division, in the classroom even six-part, the windows are semi-circular in the gables. The windows are double with original fittings. Part of the door, the stone staircase from the garden and the trusses are also original.

The tourist information center building has been sensitively renovated in the last six years. In addition to the interior spaces, where space for various exhibitions entered, the roof and facade were also repaired, the staircase and the entrance door from the parking lot and the fence around the adjacent plot were restored.

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More photos of the Tourist Information Centre from the past