Village ponds and water pumps

We invite you to take a walk along the village ponds and unique historical buildings.

Village ponds

Discover the picturesque beauty of the village ponds in Holašovice. Our idyllic village offers a unique view of the traditional South Bohemian landscape with its historic village ponds. These picturesque bodies of water not only reflect the surrounding buildings and beautiful green plains, but also have deep roots in local history and culture.

The village ponds were an integral part of life in Holašovice in the past. They served as water reservoirs for agricultural purposes and also contributed to the aesthetic and ecological richness of the village. Today, these ponds are not only important landscape features, but also an oasis of peace and relaxation for visitors.

We recommend enjoying a picturesque walk along the village ponds, admiring the reflection of the farm buildings in the water and soaking up the atmosphere of an authentic South Bohemian village.

Water pumps

Wooden piston pumps were still standing here in the 1960s. They were used to supply drinking water pumped from shallow depths. There are currently 8 working replicas on the Holašovice square, which are the work of Mr. Stasek from České Budějovice, who mastered this unusual craft. In the winter he selected and cut down suitable trees, which he dug out with hand-held scissors to create the body of the pump. A wooden piston drives the pump, the flap and cuffs are made of leather, as are the seals. In the past, each homestead had a well with a pump, to which water was fed by an ingenious system from a spring above the village.