Pottery workshop

We strive to ensure that crafts survive for future generations.

Golden Czech hands

Since 2000, thanks to the golden hands of the Mügl family ceramics workshop, Holašovice has been able to offer traditional and unique Holašovice ceramics.

Soňa and Tomáš Mügl are trained as ceramists in Hrdějovice near České Budějovice. After a successful apprenticeship and a subsequent four-year study at the Secondary Industrial School of Ceramics in Bechyně, they are now successfully engaged in business in this field.

They are engaged in the creation of hand-turned, utilitarian and decorative ceramics of various shapes and colours. The vast majority of their products are hand-painted with underglaze colours. Their products are designed for everyday use (including microwave and dishwasher), but will certainly also be a decoration for your kitchen, garden and many others.

They also produce bespoke items such as door nameplates, house numbers, jars and other products with different inscriptions according to individual customer wishes. You can buy their products directly in the Ceramic Workshop in Holašovice or they will be happy to send them to you on delivery.

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Keramická dílna , Holašovice 26, p. Dubné

+420 777 076 232 | +420 775 145 790

keramickadilna@seznam.cz | t.mugl@seznam.cz | sona.muglova@seznam.cz

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Pondělí – Neděle - od 9 hod. do 17 hod.

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