Maiden's Stone

Romantic castle ruins above the Vltava River.

within 25 minutes from Holasovice
protected landscape area
Kremze brook

A walk through a tourist paradise...

The beautiful ruin of Maiden's Stone is situated on a high rock in the beautiful countryside above the confluence of the Křemžský Brook and the Vltava River, between the towns of České Budějovice and Český Krumlov. The area around the castle is very rich in botanical and zoological diversity. Thanks to the connection between the rock formation and the meandering watercourses, it has been declared a nature reserve, which is also part of the Blansky les Protected Landscape Area.

The castle is one of the largest and best preserved medieval monuments in the Czech Republic. The close proximity of the Celtic oppidum, which ranks among European uniquenesses in terms of its importance and size, also increases its historical value. It was founded by the Rožmberk family in 1349 and abandoned by the same family in 1506. 500 years after its abandonment by its founders, it became the property of the municipality of Křemže. Concerts, historical, fencing and theatrical performances, medieval markets, lectures and exhibitions are regularly held in the castle.

Maiden's Stone is accessible by the yellow trail from Holubov (about 3 km) or by the red trail from Zlatá Koruna (about 5 km), from Boršov nad Vltavou (about 14 km) or from the railway station Třísov (about 1.5 km). On the way from Třísov, the ruin is clearly visible in all its grandeur when viewed from the top.

From Holasovice around the castle Maiden Stone