Klet's Lookout Tower

The oldest stone lookout tower in the Czech Republic!

the highest observatory in the Czech Republic
highest sundial
view of the Alps
Joseph's Tower

Enter the air paradise with us

On the highest peak of the Blanský Forest we find the Klet' Mountain (1,083 m above sea level), where a majestic stone tower rises, which hides a rich history. This impressive structure, reaching a height of 18 metres, has been an unmissable landmark of this mountain massif since 1825, when it was built by Prince Josef Schwarzenberg for the private use of his family. However, it was not until the second half of the 19th century that the public was allowed to enter this aerial paradise.

The Josef Tower, as this unique stone structure was once called thanks to its founder, stands out for its neo-Gothic style and the battlements that surround it. But perhaps even more interestingly, from the height of Joseph's Tower, in optimal weather, you can even see the Alpine peaks. In addition, you can enjoy an impressive view of the České Budějovice and Třeboň basins, the Novohradské Mountains and a large part of Šumava, which stretches from Český Krumlov to Prachatice.

The history of the Klet' tower dates back to 1825, when it became an important trigonometric point for cartographic work. The creators liked it so much that they often visited Klet' and used it for their works. One hundred years after the tower was built, in 1925, a mountain hut was built on Klet'a to serve tourists and its patron was Princess Therese of Schwarzenberg.

In the vicinity of Terezie's chalet you will find a sundial, which is the highest in Bohemia. Inside the cottage, the nature exhibition in the Blanský Forest has been reconstructed, which is an opportunity to get to know the surrounding environment better. You can also spend a pleasant holiday or just one night here. However, even the night sky view is breathtaking!

However, you can also make a trip to Klet' more comfortable thanks to the chairlift, which was built in 1961 and connects Krasetín with the top of the mountain. In addition, you will find a television transmitter on Klet'a, which was built in 1977 and reaches a height of 172 metres. For astronomy lovers, a visit to the highest observatory in Bohemia, which is located here, is an unforgettable experience.

If you decide to go to Klet', there are several ways to get there. The most famous route leads from the Holubov train station along a green marked hiking trail and is about 5 kilometres long. Another, longer but more comfortable route will take you to Klet' from the Plešovice railway station along the yellow tourist trail.

Klet' offers many opportunities to explore and discover the beauty of this picturesque area. With beautiful views, history and cultural richness, this mountain is one of the treasures of South Bohemia and is definitely worth seeing!

From Holasovice to the observatory Klet