Castle Kratochvile

Italian builder Baldassare Maggi had a dream of a building that would remind him of home. Thanks to the support of the Rosenbergs, a unique work was created.

within 20 minutes from Holasovice
architect Baldassare Maggi
unique Golden Hall
Renaissance jewel

Renaissance jewel

Among the ponds near Netolice, you will find the beautiful Kratochvile Castle, which is surrounded by ponds and a large castle garden. It was built somewhat on the whim of William the Lord of Rožmberk, but it has produced a wonderful result.

Kratochvíle Castle was built in the style of an Italian villa, surrounded by a moat and a beautiful Renaissance garden. The building was designed by Baldassare Maggi of Arogna, one of the leading Rosenberg builders. During your visit you can see the original Renaissance interiors with Mannerist paintings with rich stucco decoration. Various social events took place in the castle in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. It thus served as the main residence for the social pleasures of the last Rosenbergs and their guests. When visiting the chateau, do not forget to visit the Chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, which is particularly interesting due to the deviation of the tower from the vertical axis.

If you go on the tour of the castle, you can also enjoy the presentation of Renaissance interiors from the time of the construction of the castle complex. The main theme of the entire route is, of course, the activity of the last Rosenbergs, Lords William of Rosenberg and Peter Vok.

From Holasovice to the summer castle Kratochvile