Peasant Festival

19. - 21. 7. 2024

Traditional Festival

The Holašovice Peasant Festival is a phenomenon of a traditional folk festival, which is set in the beautiful and spacious Holašovice village square and is organized in the spirit of an "old Bohemian folk country fair" with demonstrations of traditional and non-traditional folk crafts not only from the whole Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia, Hungary and Austria and enjoys great interest among visitors. Particularly sought after is the authentic demonstration of original crafts and techniques, which in today's cybernetic age creates a very impressive spectacle of skill and flair for traditional folk production, creation and art, which is often linked to times long forgotten. Demonstrations of individual products are performed by artisans in folk clothing and stalls. Visitors also have the unique opportunity to try out many of the crafts themselves. As a rule, the three-day event is accompanied by a very rich and spectacular cultural programme on two large stages, which is organised in the folk spirit and visitors can see and hear live real legends of various genres of their field. Friday's programme is usually devoted more to brass band music, while Saturday and Sunday's programme is interwoven with more folk, folk, bluegrass genre or country performances. The programme in the spirit of a fair also takes place in the promenade area between the stalls. Visitors to the fair thus have a unique opportunity to compare the differences in cultures and to get acquainted with the folk customs and customs of the different parts of our country and abroad. The Peasant Festival in Holašovice has rightly become one of the most beautiful and important folklore festivals in the Czech Republic with international participation. The programme also includes the evaluation of the best South Bohemian cake and buns, the 'Holašovice buchtobraní a koláčobraní'. The large village square features a period wooden hand- and electric-powered children's carousel and children's workshops, as well as a very popular and popular children's corner where children can play as their parents or grandparents used to play.

A shuttle bus runs to Holašovice from Ceske Budejovice and back every year along two routes (Branisov, Litvinovice) according to the timetables.

Everyone who visits Holasovice during the Peasant Festival will surely choose from the rich programme and take away an unforgettable experience from the event.