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Experience the magic of this place and learn about its history and traditions

Get to know Holasovice by joining our guide for a personalised tour. Our guided tour will provide context and depth to your experience.

What to expect?

Our guided tours will take you right to the heart of the village, where you’ll learn about its history, local architecture and day-to-day life of its people, past and present. You will also hear the stories and legends little known to the outside world.

Points of interest:

  • Historic centre: Take a walk around the village green surrounded by medieval farmsteads that retained their 18th to 19th century form.

  • Country life: Learn about the everyday life of villagers in a bygone era, about their way of life, their customs and traditional crafts.

  • Architectural gems: Come and appreciate the uniqe architecture called ¨Folk Baroque¨ typical for South Bohemian region.

  • Cultural heritage: Get to know the cultural significance and traditions that led to designation of Holasovice as a World Heritage Site.

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