Stone circle

Discover a mysterious world or just recharge your batteries.

5 minutes walk from the centre of village Holasovice
place with magic energy
unique monument

Holasovice Stonehenge

At the end of August 2008, a stone circle was erected near our village. It is a modern replica of megalithic structures in Bohemia and in the case of the Holašovice Stonehenge it is the largest so far. The circular formation is made up of 25 large stones, including one central one, called Menhirs. In the background of this magical structure is another huge menhir, which stands alone. The creation of this place is due to a local entrepreneur, Mr. Václav Jílek, who donated his own meadow for this construction.

The dimensions of the circle are not determined by chance, but are based on psychotronics. The stones - menhirs - were chosen with the same emphasis. Thanks to this unique combination, there is no need to perform initiation rituals, the energy works on its own based on the stones' ability.

About a month after Stonehenge was built, the stones were checked and two menhirs had weaker energy activity and were therefore strengthened. Currently the structure has three psychotronic purposes.

  1. Healing as an adjunct to medical care within 95% of the pathalogical spectrum.

  2. Promoting meditation and spiritual development of the personality.

  3. Elimination of pathogenic zones in an area up to 600 m from the structure.

We definitely recommend a visit to the stone circle to experience the healing energy for yourself.


Holasovice Stonehenge, p. Miloslava Jílková

48°57'59.2"N 14°16'32.0"E

+420 605 137 718


40 czk per person