Celtic fire night and solstice festivities

Unforgettable experience
Asterix a Obelix

Solstice festival and Celtic magic night, Holasovice Stonehenge. Unconventional musical instruments and music, Celts, horses, royal Spanish bagpipes, Deloraine band, Crash band, restorative drink, building the largest menhir, megalith in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, fire show and much more.

Holasovice Stonehenge invites you to the Summer Solstice, building of the largest menhir in the Czech Republic and Central Europe and Celtic Magic Night on 17 June 2023 from 14:00.

During these celebrations, enthusiasts will be dressed in self-made faithful replicas of the clothing of Celtic warriors on foot and on horseback and armed with the weapons of the warriors of the time. Along with them will come the women and children of the Trisov oppida to help build the largest menhir, the "Great Rock", which will protect the people of the Holašovice tribe.