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Náhodný výběr z galerie


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We can commence our tour in the former school (today an information centre) with a look at the exhibition on the history of Holašovice. We can begin the tour anywhere, but because none of the protected buildings are open to the public, we can say at least a little bit about the dual-purpose design of the majority of the buildings. Each house would be accessed through the entrance hall, which divided the house into inhabited and agricultural sections. Extra value in such a homestead would be added by a so-called ‘výměnek’, a granary, cowshed, threshing floor, barn and similar outbuildings. At the centre of the buildings there was a yard, and the building was accessible to the village green through a gateway. In front of the houses we can see various small gardens, pumps and hand-bored cylinder wells. At the centre of the village green is the chapel dating from 1755 and the self-standing cross which was consecrated in 1935.


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