Mardi Gras

10. 2. 2024

Come and hang out in Holasovice

Every year, masqueraders and figures of various kinds are seen in the Holasovice carnival parade. There are always about fifty participants, not only from the local population, who first go to the mayor to get the key to the village and then go on a tour of the village. They visit every building, whoever is at home and opens his dwelling, so it is a matter of course to treat the procession lavishly according to the local customs and customs, and may or must dance with the bear, straw men, nurses, turks, butcher, chimney sweep, parson, Svejk, beggar and other masks. The day then ends with a parade at a local pub, where the butcher symbolically kills a mare and together they boisterously drink in the carnival until at least midnight.

This folk custom, which is a kind of wedge between Christmas and Easter, was restored in Holasovice after many years in 2015 by the local association SH Holašovice.